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Medan Tour & Lake Toba

Medan Tour Specialists and Lake Toba and founded in 2002. So, Medan Driver is your perfect partner for your Medan City Tour. Experienced for Lake Toba, Samosir, Berastagi and Medan Areas. New vehicles in our fleet to explore Lake Toba by mountainous roads.

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Lake Toba Medan tour agent and professional car rental founded in 2002. Medan Driver is your perfect partner for your Medan City Tour. That makes us experienced for Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Berastagi and Medan Area. Our new vehicles in our fleet to explore Lake Toba Medan by mountainous roads. Stay at Parapat or Samosir Island in the Lake Toba Area of Medan. Our tourist come from all over the world. Specially among Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Europe.

Medan Tour Package Specialist

We offer complete and budget car rental with new vehicle. That make you comfort to travel with Us. We provide tour packages to explore Lake Toba and the surrounding. And ready to serve You to any destinations with a good & experienced driver. They mastering Medan Area, Lake Toba, Berastagi and Bukit Lawang. North Sumatra Overland and other Tourism Objects in North Sumatra.

Our drivers are very experienced and often travel around North Sumatra. They are also familiar with local languages, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in Sumatra. So you will find our drivers very friendly, helpful and ready to help you. They will find best tourist attractions and places of interest.

MEDAN DRIVER RENT CAR & TOUR PACKAGE is a reputable brand and recommended travel agent in Medan. When you are looking for medan car rental, We are best in medan driver and Medan Tour Package. So, let’s explore Medan and beyond!

Plan Your Own Travel

Medan Driver offer best hotels and rent car. You can plan your medan tour and beyonds by Your self.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We guaranteed that we can give you best and lowest price than our competitor to handle medan tour.

Experienced Guide & Drivers

Our experienced guides and drivers will happy to serve you enjoying medan tour and lake toba.


lake toba medan tour

5 Days Taman Simalem Waterfall Tour Package

5 Days Lake Toba Medan tour with Simalem Package is the most tour package. For enjoy all places around samosir island, berastagi and lake toba medan. With long time to enjoy the lake view and can enjoy all trips to north sumatera. Then feel the best unforgettable experience view of Lake Toba Medan Tour. Then stay 1 Night at Taman Simalem Resort.

lake toba medan tour

3 Days Taman Simalem Waterfall Tour Package

You can enjoy the beautiful view of lake toba medan. Silence of medan lake toba at night. And fabulous view of lake toba from Taman Simalem Resort “THE PEARL OF LAKE TOBA”. Then this is the best time to take relax after crowded activity from big city and relax from working.

lake toba medan tour

4 Days Taman Simalem Waterfall Tour Package

4 Days Lake Toba Simalem Package. With Destination Lake Toba Medan, Berastagi and Medan city. Is the popular midweek trip to take both of places. You can enjoy the samosir island tour, berastagi tour and medan tour on this trip. With the best experience of lake toba to visit the famous sipiso-piso waterfall. While stay 1 night at Taman Simalem Resort.

lake toba medan tour

3 Days Medan Tour Economy Package

Budget medan tour package with 3 days exploring Medan and toba lake. Best choice for you with economic price to enjoy the beautiful view of lake toba medan. The silence of lake toba at night is the best time to take relax. After crowded activity from big city and relax from working. So take RELAX. Driver Meal & Driver Accommodation Included!

lake toba medan tour

4 Days Medan Tour Economy Package

Another economic budget tour package! With more time to trip enjoying of lake toba, berastagi and medan tour. Explore each place with the best medan tour itinerary. And get unforgettable experience for lake toba, berastagi and medan city. For enjoy your vacation medan trip with friends. Private Car from Us (Toyota Avanza / Innova) will bring you comfort.

lake toba medan tour

5 Days Medan Tour Economy Package

Tour Package with long time to enjoy the lake view and north sumatera. Feel the best unforgettable experience view of Lake Toba. With 5 Days for enjoy all places around samosir island, berastagi and medan. For accommodation, 3* Toba Village Inn Samosir / 3* Atsari Hotel Parapat (Superior Room). They will used for staying here with comfort.


For more information about details, please contact our customer service online. Contact Person : Robby Ph : +62 821 1430 4668 email : robbymedandriver@gmail.com

Discover Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with 17,000 islands that make it an archipelago as a paradise with lots of tropical rainforests, volcanoes, mysterious lakes, breath taking tropical beaches, terrace rice fields, exotic flora & fauna. Indonesia is home to more than 360 separate ethnic groups with unique cultures. All this makes Indonesia, a lot of abundant travel opportunities. The island of our home, Sumatra, the second largest island in Indonesia. Located in fourth place in procuring total foreign tourist arrivals including Jakarta, Bali and Batam, the region has an extraordinary panorama, thick with virgin forests, lush vegetation, strong rivers, beautiful waterfalls, peaceful sandy beaches and ancient lakes the big one. The diversity of art and culture people literally makes Sumatra the perfect place to travel.


Sumatra is a large island with 1800 km & 450 square kilometers stretching from the Indian Ocean in the North to the Sunda Strait in the South. It is a land of virgin tropical rainforests, volcanoes, highlands, waterfalls, lakes, peaceful white sand beaches, terraced rice fields & endless plantations. The people on the island are friendly & warm & can be divided into many ethnic groups such as Aceh, Batak, Minangkabau, Malay, Nias, etc. Each group has its own dialect, religious beliefs, traditional arts, customs & culture. The diversity of arts & culture literary arts & culture makes this island the Garden of Eden for social & historical scientists & cultural seekers. From Acehnese in the North, Batak people around Lake Toba, a unique matrilineal social system from Minangkabau & Malay people who mostly live on the coast.


Medan means the battlefield in Indonesian vocabulary, referring to the battlefield site between the Kingdom of Aceh & the Kingdom of Deli. Previously Medan was part of the Sultan Deli but now the capital city in Medan is the Great Mosque, Maimoon palace, pre-war architectural buildings in the city, crocodile farms, museums, etc.

We are always make a deals with best and star hotel in Medan area. As you know, much of the accommodation in Lake Toba and surround are resort hotel. Herewith are our partner in serve your accommodation.

Medan Driver was operate in Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia. We provide luxurious cars for business and tourism. We serve tour and travel for along Sumatra – Bali – Java overland with experienced english speaking driver.

More Information about Medan and Surround

One of great cities in Indonesia

Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. With a population of about 2 million people it is the largest city outside of Java.

Foods & Beverages

Medan is a famous culinary city in Southeast Asia. And gets lots of tourists from within Indonesia. Who enjoy the city’s blend of Padang, Javanese, and local dishes. Proximity to Berastagi means the city has some of the freshest and most unique fruit in the world.

About Lake Toba

One of biggest fresh water lakes in the world. Formed by volcanic eruption. Has a large island, Samosir, in the middle. Above all Danau Toba is an absolute must see. Its a magnificent place full of Batak culture on the shores of a mesmerizing lake.

About Bukit Lawang

A little village on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. That was once home to an Orang-utan rehabilitation center. The rehabilitation program is no longer running. But regular feeding sessions take places at the feeding platforms. Jungle treks can be arranged or you can take relax by the river.

About Kabanjahe

The capital of the Karo Regency. You can observe and experience the life of Karo people. By visiting the villages around Kabanjahe. Kabanjahe is also a convenient post to climb Mount Sinabung. You can spend the nights in the villages of Karo people.

Get Arround Medan

Medan city is swamped by becaks and taxis (the preferable choice to get around). There is also a form of public transport known as the angkot (small minivan). Then, browse our medan tour package and get best deals!

Our Lovely Guest


The place suitable for those love outdoor activities, vegetation experience, serenity & green environment. By the way, the jungle trekking & cool wind plus awesome view from Simalem Resort is superb place to visit. Have fun & go green. So, thanks Robby from Medan Driver with Taman Simalem Tongging Point Package

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In all, beautiful nature landscape, situated quite far from Medan. 5 to 6 hour drive. We travel by avanza arranged by Robby from Medan Driver. Leaving at 10am from Ring Road, we reach about almost 4pm near the jetty. So, We waited about 1.5 hour for next ferry to Samosir Island. Finally nothing much to do as the jetty is not a proper establishment. During the travel by car, the scenery of the lake are so beautiful.

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In the end, summary of my 4 days’ trip to Medan/Lake Toba with robby medan driver a local tour guide:

At first, as we went during the low season, everywhere is less crowded. From our stay at the resorts to places of interest to dining. A very good and relaxed trip.

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